Lumber & Hardwoods

Shady Creek sells small-volume lumber for our neighbors who mill products on their properties . We have a focus on carefully selected high-value hardwood products, like Big Leaf Maple and Alder.

Our passion for healthy forest ecosystems is at the heart of what Shady Creek and our partners do, we can promise that no forest has been clearcut to provide the lumber we sell, and we can arrange visits to our supplier's forests to see how they practice land management with care.

Hardwood Sales

Shady Creek has a unique selection of local hardwoods. We specialize in Figured Big Leaf Maple. We have large and small pieces of Curly Maple, Quilted Maple and Spalted Maple available. We carry Red Alder as well as other limited species. Bulk purchases of standard boards start as low as $4bf.

Dimensional Softwood Lumber

We are able to fill custom small orders for dimensional lumber from a supplier such as David Eisler, whose mill is pictured here these.

Prices and availability vary.

Projects From Previous Customers