Who We Are

Jason Gonzales (left) and David Eisler (right) and other neighbors working to build a new cabin in 2010

Shady Creek starts way back in 1979, when David Eisler bought land in the upper stretches of the Siuslaw River Watershed on a small tributary known as Chickahominy Creek. Shady Creek is smaller, but very important fish-bearing cold water tributary that runs through our forests.

The Gonzales family moved in next door in the beginning of 2010. The two families quickly found a lot of common ground with our shared interest in advocating for forest health, and began working together to limit clearcutting and other logging practices that harm streams and fish.

The Gonzales Family started Shady Creek Forest Services in2021 to begin providing equipment services and lumber sales for David our neighbors. Jason works with a tractor to help build fire resilience in our community by assisting with brush removal and forest cleanup.

We share a dream with many of our neighbors of rehabilitating local forests back in to type the thriving old-growth stands that once dominated our valley.

David Eisler, our main lumber supplier, takes forest health seriously, his forest and mill are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the highest level of sustainable certification available in the U.S.

By investing our own small and highly adaptable equipment, we can maintain our forests exactly the way we want, and help neighbors do the same. Removing brush and forest debris in certain areas helps protect our forest community from catastrophic wildfire.